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Officer Wellness & EAP

Services to Enhance Your Existing EAP

“BACKING the BADGE” helps existing EAP programs to enhance their services to better meet the needs of First Responders through experienced and trained law enforcement, firefighter and military veterans. Many cities and counties provide EAP services to their employees as part of their employee benefits packages. These services are intended to meet the needs of all government workers, regardless of their job duties. When dealing with the law enforcement and firefighter community, one size does not fit all.

“BACKING the BADGE” recognizes the unique needs of First Responders and provides confidential support services through experienced and trained First Responder veterans designed to augment an existing EAP benefit. “BACKING the BADGE” offers ‘a la carte’ services when you know that professional assistance outside of your existing services is the solution.

“BACKING the BADGE has supported my agency during several circumstances.  The support was effective and encompassing, including crisis support but also education and follow up.  The Backing the Badge staff understands the needs of Public Safety."
Undersheriff Michelle Young, Kent County Sheriff’s Office, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Fitness for Duty Evaluations   

When crucial decisions must be made to return to the line of duty, count on "BACKING the BADGE to provide the best professional resources.              

According to The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), who recently published standards for Fitness for Duty evaluations, the primary purpose of a Fitness for Duty Evaluation is to determine whether or not the employee may safely and effectively perform the essential job functions. These are guidelines, not mandates, and must assure all involved that the employee does not have psychological conditions or impairments that impede safety or efficacy.

“BACKING the BADGE” objectively sources professionals to provide Fitness for Duty evaluations you may rely on. Resources are screened for competency with respect to police psychology as well as being intimately familiar with the essential job functions of the employee being evaluated.

“Law Enforcement officials recognize that taking care of our employees, and supporting family members is vital - especially during challenging times. Providing strategic support, to facilitate wellness for law enforcement and their families, is an investment that serves both officers and the communities in which they serve.”

Bob Stevenson, Executive Director of the Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police

Stress Management

“BACKING the BADGE” recognizes the unique pressures and stressors working as a First Responder can have on the brave men and women working in these professions. We are committed to assisting those who do this challenging work. We strive to help First Responder professionals balance the challenges of both their careers and their lives to attain some semblance of ‘normalcy.’
Our training modules encourage First Responders to strategize how they manage both their work and their lives to create balance and reduce stress. We work with departments or agencies to assist their professionals to incorporate wellness techniques at the beginning, middle and end of their careers. Programs emphasize maintaining outside interests, friendships with people both in AND out of the profession. If those relationships fall to the side, a young First Responder professional begins to isolate him or herself from everything but the “job”; then, as they retire, they find that all they have is “the job”.
At “BACKING the BADGE” we are keenly aware of the alarming statistics relating to the men and women who have worked careers as First Responders. We believe in the men and women who are keeping us safe day and night. We want to see challenged marriages succeed. Rather than focus on the negative statistics, we at “BACKING the BADGE” provide tools, information, support and resources for First Responder professionals wishing to live well and long enough to enjoy their pensions.
“BACKING the BADGE” respects and appreciates those who are sacrificing for us. Work with us and we will assist those departments who want to see their hardworking First Responder professionals become happier and healthier people.

“My experience with BACKING the BADGE has been excellent. They are always ready to help when needed, all we (LE) need to do is ask.  BACKING the BADGE is exactly what law enforcement needs for the troubled times in which we live. While law enforcement looks out for the safety of the public, BACKING the BADGE looks out for the wellbeing of law enforcement.”

Chief Jeff Murphy, East Lansing Police Department, East Lansing, Michigan

Financial Fitness

One challenging aspect of public service may be related to financial burdens. There may be more relief from stress and tension in creating a more positive financial picture than many recognize.
By assisting First Responders and their family members to positively impact their financial health, many relationships are preserved and tension at home significantly reduced.
If your organization or department would like guidance to start a positive process for their sworn and non-sworn to impact debt, let us know.  Backing the Badge is your “one stop shop” for resources.  We can put you in touch with a law enforcement professional who is as well-trained in financial health and well-being as he is in law enforcement.  Collectively, he has assisted a department to pay off over 14 million dollars of debt. Now that’s relief!!

As the City of Grand Rapid’s EAP provider, I wanted to take a moment to offer this communication to you and your clinicians who serve our members.  As I know you are aware, careers in firefighting are inherently stressful and those occupational stressors often are compounded with the everyday stressors of our private lives, frequently affecting / damaging the very relationships with those that matter most in our lives.

As the Manager of our Wellness and Critical Incident Stress Management Team I would like to offer a very heartfelt Thank You on behalf of our department to you and your innovative “Backing the Badge” team of clinicians.   Your willingness to take time out of your already busy schedules, not just for a day, but for 11 weeks to partner with our department in providing awareness to our members related to the “Backing the Badge” program exceeded our expectations and the overview in the many value added benefits you offer in general work-life balance and wellness continues to amaze our membership. Many times taking that first step in seeking help is the hardest.  I am certain through our training partnership, we have made that first step much easier for our members.

In closing, thank you again for providing exceptional services to us on both an individual and organizational level.  Our department looks forward to partnering with you and the BACKING the BADGE Team as we collaboratively ensure the future success of our organization and its members.   

Bart Perry, Battalion Fire Chief, Grand Rapids Fire Department




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