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TRAINING RESOURCES BY First Responders FOR First Responders!


  • Change Management
  • CISM Services
  • Surviving Secondhand Stress
  • Badge and Balance
  • Financial Fitness
  • Workplace Violence

Change Management

After completion of this training, your employees will be able to define the key concepts associated with CHANGE as a process and be able to:

  • Understand Change
  • Describe ways to implement a Change Program/Strategy
  • Identify and overcome Obstacles to Change
  • Using the knowledge gained, participants will be able to contribute to effect change in their organization
  • Understand the need for a sound and solid change process within the organization

CISM Services

At “Backing the Badge,” we understand what it truly means to answer a First Responder department's needs when Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) services are required. We provide a full and complete service line of ICISF training courses taught by an ICISF approved instructor to include:

  • Individual Crisis Intervention
  • Group Crisis Intervention
  • Peer Support
  • Advanced Individual Crisis Intervention
  • Workplace Violence

For more information, please go to the CISM and Peer Support tab.

Surviving “Secondhand Stress”

Teamwork is essential to high-performing teams. Team members may find that they are so attuned to each other, that they not only celebrate the victories, but they share the pain as well. When a team member is injured or killed in the line of duty, or is a part of a traumatic event, “second hand stress” often impacts those who were not directly a part of the event.

Perceptions and responses will vary depending upon the collective experience of each individual working on a team or a department. For some, having formed close long-term relationships within a department, working through a traumatic event may be quite challenging. For others, perhaps newer team members, although the event was traumatic and challenging, they may have a bit of an easier journey as they “return to normal” in their day to day work. It is a variable process!

Spouses and family members also experience “second hand stress.” When a police officer or firefighter routinely go to their jobs, for the spouse or family member of that person, it may not feel “routine” for them. Learning ways to communicate concerns is critical to sustaining a healthy relationship.

This training assists civilian support personnel and spouses/family members to expand ways to cope and address the inevitable “second hand stress” of the law enforcement and firefighter profession, while increasing understanding about traumatic events.

Badge and Balance

“Backing the Badge” understands that a career as a First Responder places unique demands on both its professionals and their family members. Assisting First Responders and their family members to create balance is vital to retention and longevity.

The work of a firefighter, law enforcement officer or a paramedic is compelling with a history of service and sacrifice as well as inherent dangers. These professionals and their spouses/family members need to understand ways to create balance for themselves in order to function optimally both inside and outside of work.

Statistics related to First Responder professionals are alarming – with suicide, alcoholism, depression and shortened life expectancy in much higher proportions than other professions.

Training focuses on a variety of tools, information and resources that law enforcement professionals may easily integrate into their lives to increase ease. Small adjustments combined with intent help to reduce stress and offset the vortex often associated with a career as a First Responder.

Financial Fitness

One challenging aspect of public service may be related to financial burdens. There may be more relief from stress and tension in creating a more positive financial picture than many recognize.

By assisting public servants and their family members to positively impact their financial health, many relationships are preserved and tension at home significantly reduced.

If your organization or department would like guidance to start a positive process for their sworn and non-sworn to impact debt, let us know. Backing the Badge is your “one stop shop” for resources. We can put you in touch with a law enforcement professional who is as well-trained in financial health and well-being as he is in law enforcement. Collectively, he has assisted a department to pay off over 14 million dollars of debt. Now that’s relief!!

Workplace Violence

This program will provide an overview of current thinking and best practices in workplace violence prevention, response, and recovery. The focus will be on designing a proactive approach as well as a comprehensive response plan to meet the needs of organizations at risk.

“BACKING the BADGE” and ENCOMPASS is proud to support and partner with:

Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police
Michigan Association of Fire Chiefs
Michigan Sheriff's Association
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